Our goal:

From our pasture to your table, the goal at Fellowship Farms is to provide you with top quality, ethically raised, hormone-free, local Alberta grass-fed beef. When you enjoy a meal that comes from our farm, it brings us joy knowing that we’ve contributed to a great food experience! Whether it’s a single steak on the BBQ or a big batch of taco meat (one of our fav’s), we want folks to enjoy their meal and know that hard work and care has gone into every delicious bite of Fellowship Farms beef.

  • Our Herd

    At Fellowship Farms we are raising high quality, hormone-free, grass-fed Angus-cross cattle. We practice rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices. In the spring and summers our herd can be found roaming approximately 800 acres of pasture grassland located in Alberta, in both Strathcona and Smoky Lake Counties. In the winter the cattle spend their time enjoying our own farm cut hay on the family farm near Josephburg in Strathcona County. Our herd is never given grain or hormones of any kind and they are treated with dignity, respect and love throughout their lifetime, we deeply care for our animals!

  • Our History

    Fellowship Farms was created by Jared and Josie Tchir, a husband and wife team with a rich history in farming.

    Raised on the same Alberta farm our cattle reside on today, Jared, now a 4th generation cattle farmer, grew up working with his father learning the ins and outs of the farm from a young age.

    Raised in New Brunswick, Josie grew up on a farm, then moved into a small town where her mom was a chef. She has always been connected to the food and restaurant industry, eventually owning and operating a restaurant with her family in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta for almost a decade.

    In the spring of 2022 when the idea and opportunity arose to bring our beef directly to local consumers, Fellowship Farms was born.

  • Our Hope

    Our hope is that Fellowship Farms beef will be enjoyed while bringing people closer together! It’s in our name; Fellowship means to "joyfully gather", and this is something very dear to our hearts, to meet with friends and loved ones over a meal in Fellowship. We hope that you too can gather 'round a table to enjoy our beef and Fellowship with the ones you love!