Why buy meat in bulk?

We believe that buying meat in bulk gives you the ability to buy high quality product for a better price. Also, having meat on hand gives you the ability to meal plan and have better options for dinner!

Why grass-fed?

Our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished because that's what we believe is best. Cattle that aren't finished on grain have a healthier meat, less calories and fat content, more protein, omegas and vitamins. Grass-finished beef also has a fantastic flavour!

Do you dry-age?

Yes! All of our beef is aged at a certified local butcher for 21 days or more. This provides a more tender and flavourful product. It also reduces the moisture content, so more bang for your buck!

Do you ship?

At the moment we are not shipping, simply because we are starting small and wanted to focus on connecting with people in our local communities, offering local delivery and pick up options.

How do we get our beef box?

We offer local delivery or pick up.

Free local delivery is scheduled on Monday evenings within Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan or Sherwood Park. If you are located outside of these areas we can still deliver for a small fee.

Pick up is scheduled for Tuesday evenings between 6:30pm - 8:00pm at our farm in Strathcona County. We can be flexible, so if this doesn't work for you, please email us at fellowshipfarms@outlook.com or text us at 780-242-0814 and we will make a plan.

Do you live on the farm?

We live 10 minutes away from the main family farm where the cattle are raised. We reside on our own small farm where we have gardens, horses, mini horses, a mini donkey, dogs and cats. Our hope is to begin raising some of the cattle at our own farm in the near future as Fellowship Farms continues to grow.